Planner Hacks – Spring Fling Ticket Giveaway

Planner Hacks

We asked members of the ATX Planner Addicts Facebook Group who had purchased a ticket for the Spring Planner Fling to tell us their favorite planner hacks. From those that gave us their tips, a random entry was chosen to have their ticket price refunded. The lucky winner was Emery! Congratulations.

Everyone had some great tips. We thought we’d share some favorites here on our website!

Post It Notes

ATX Planner Addicts | Planner Hacks | Post Its A lot of folks like to use Post-It notes to pre-plan with. When you know the date of a future event you want to remember but aren’t quite ready to commit it to permanent ink and stickers this is a great idea.  The versatility of the Post-It note goes far beyond serving as a reminder for a future events though!  Different colored Post-It notes can be used as tabs in your planner.  You can also use them for recurring tasks.  Simply write a task down on a Post-It and place it in your planner.  Once finished, move it forward in your planner to the next time you have to do that task.  (Think dishes, laundry, flossing).  They’re also great when you need more space to write when you have a busy week or time slot.  It makes you wonder how we ever survived life before the Post-It was invented!

Other Tools of the Trade

ATX Planner Addicts | Planner Hacks | Tools Other favorite planner hacks involved using particular tools to get the job done. A hole punch comes in handy when you want to add a page to your planner such as a grocery list for the week or notes on an upcoming meeting. Slice tools are popular for cutting stickers down to a desired size. Tweezers to help place stickers in perfect alignment.

Then there is the trusty pencil or erasable pen so you can see how your plans look before making them permanent. And, if all else fails, you can always turn to the trusty product “Un-du” to lift stickers off the page without ripping your planner pages. A must have for any die-hard planner decorator.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

ATX Planner Addicts | Planner Hacks | HighlightersAnother pro tip from our group of planners is the use of color coding. For some that meant a different color pen for each member of the household. For others, it meant writing important tasks in red, social activities in green, etc. But using different colored pens is only one of the many ways you can color code your planner.  You can also find stickers in all the colors of the rainbow and the possibilities of color coding are only limited by your creativity.  Then of course you can also use the mighty highlighter.  Which brings me to another tip – use a highlighter to cross off completed tasks so that you can still go back and see what you did rather than scratching it out.  It also looks prettier that way!  The key with color coding your planner is to find a system that works for your and stick with it.


ATX Planner Addicts | Planner Hacks | PocketsEveryone could use a little extra storage space and pockets are ideal for storing anything from lists and tickets, sticker sheets, post-it notes or pens. Most planners come with a pocket or two, but some of our tipsters also recommended using adhesive pockets that you can purchase for additional ones. A few do-it-yourselfers also suggested using a pretty envelope and gluing it to the page to add a pocket that you can close to keep items securely.  Pictured here is an adhesive pocket from Erin Condren.

Other Tips

Some other notable tips that people gave were to use a gift card to cut washi tape when you’re decorating your spread.  What if you need to turn regular sized washi into skinny washi?  A paper trimmer can do the trick quickly and with a straight edge! Don’t have a washi that matches your spread? Our clever planner addicts recommend adhering a pretty scrapbook paper with adhesive tape instead.